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HAPPY 2023 AND WELCOME BACK TO ALL!  No, it's not been easy the last three years (for everyone), but we're still here . . . back for "Our 47th Year!", (1976-2023).  

WE DID MANAGE to put out another PRINTED copy of our (2023) newsletter.  Yes, we will be adding some additional tours throughout the year but, unfortunately, only those of you who have an email address or access to a computer will be able to know of these updates.  As mentioned before, if you don't have an email address, remember that they are FREE at,,, etc., etc., etc., and very easy to set up.  If that's not feasible, consider using your son's  or daughter's email address . . . they can then share tour information with you. 

FACE MASKS/COVERINGS ARE NO LONGER required on our motorcoach, but are still recommended.  Please feel free to wear your face make if you prefer.  But whatever you decide, please bring a few along with you anyway . . . . we never know if somewhere they will be required.  Thank you in advance for  your cooperation.  And don't forget to always carry a COPY of your proof of your COVID vaccination . . . . again, you never know.

OFFICE HOURS: As most of you know our office hours (since 2022) will remain Mon-Fri 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  If you call before or after these hours simply leave us a message and we will get back to you right away . . . . . . even over the weekend.

COVID VACCINATIONS: For all of you who have been vaccinated for COVID and traveled with us the last two+ years, we thank you.  Our only intention was  to try to ensure that everyone was as safe as possible.   But times have changed, and thankfully, the virus is not nearly as dangerous as it once was.  Because of recent decisions by the CDC, the WHO and the Biden Administration, as of June 1, 2023, proof of vaccination will NO LONGER be required to travel with us.  Thanks to all of you for your patience and continued support of Travel Time Tours.  Happy Traveling . . . . . one and all!

"GROUP ADVANTAGE" CANCELLATION & INTERRUPTION INSURANCE: Yes, still available and still at lower prices than back in 2019!!!  Refer to our detailed Trip Flyers for per person cost or simply call our office for more details.  STRONGLY recommended on all tours!!!  Covers COVID issues too.  

                                                                           My very best to all of you . . . . MARY
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